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Water Line

The Beginning of the Rainbow

As usual, we left Seattle later than expected and arrived on the Oregon Coast after dark.  We bought sandwiches en route and finished them, with glasses of wine, after arriving at our cottage.  And this luscious slice of colors  greeted us the next morning.  It took a minute to find the “other” end of the rainbow, but there it was, a couple of miles to the south, shimmering above Yachats’ modest stretch of ocean.  A good beginning, it seemed, for a time of rebalancing.

Breezy Wedding

The good times just kept rolling.  The next day we saw two beach weddings and four Buddhist monks.   No one seemed to mind the stiff breeze.

And so it went, each day a little better than the one before, proving once again that the best of life is found at the edge.

Swirly Sunset

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