Another Water Line

Things Your Plumber Never Told You

Last week a friend commented that our “house event” seemed to be going on for a long time and was “pretty life-occupying.”  Well, yes.  That’s undeniably true.  But it’s so much more fun now than it was last summer. In August we couldn’t bring the natural gas line to the house until a mitigation crew dealt with the consequences of our leaking oil tank and filled in a 9-foot-deep pit in the front garden.  In the course of “doing the right thing” (much more time-consuming, complex, and expensive than we had imagined) we were declared a toxic waste site and everything ground to a halt.  We’re still working with the invisible infrastructure of the house, but now we’re laughing a lot more.  The tape around the drain pipes was a temporary fix that allowed us to shower while spending a couple of days repairing decades-old structural damage.  We’ve discovered reserves of patience we never knew we had.  And we’re making full use of our buckets.


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  1. I can’t imagine any site that you occupy being considered ‘toxic’…. though I remember my surprise when I found out the site near the park I played at in Piscataway was actually a dump site for radioactive dirt. Strange, the things that can occupy space near you, with invisible but dangerous consequences. (Though I think the ‘dirt’ was covered with a lead tarp, if that helps at all…)

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