Passing Torches

Whew!  I still think about little Weston about 5 times an hour.  At the grocery store I saw a couple with baby-in-stroller and winced, imagining how such a normal, take-it-for-granted, everyday sight is likely to affect Weston’s parents, at least for a while.

But happy energy is stirring in babyland too, and it deserves some ink.  Two weeks ago Hadley Simone made her debut after literally years of longing, trying, cajoling, timing, implanting — you get the picture.  Not everything went according to plan.  She was late in arriving; much to her mother’s dismay, three dramatic drops in fetal heartrate resulted in an emergency C-section (similar in many ways to the initial circumstances of Weston’s birth).

When the new family was back home, Alexis baked uber-loaves of bread, plus rolls, for the nursing mom and new grandmother (who had come from Louisville to help and was accustomed to eating bread with every meal).

Bread for Baby Hadley

Copious amounts of bread were not enough, however, to stave off complications.  From the beginning there were problems with nursing.  Hadley never seemed to get enough. Instead of gaining a little baby fat in her first week, she lost weight and slept a lot.  Sure, it’s great to have a newborn who sleeps through the night, but not if she’s starving….  Hadley was classified as a “failure-to-thrive” child.  Finally, someone figured out that she might be allergic to something in the dairy products her mom was eating.

As soon as Mom stopped dairy, Hadley started gaining weight.  We’re not sure if she’s yet been classified as “thriving,” but she seems well on her way.

As it happens, this little girl has a grandfather with leftist leanings.  We expect his heart was warmed when he saw this photo of his first grandchild in her Nanna’s arms:

Power to the People!

Someday Hadley will learn about Weston — about how they both came into the world at about the same time and for no discernible reason she made it and he didn’t. It makes no sense; it isn’t fair; but that’s what happened.

For no rational reason, I love that fist in the air.  Others might say it’s just a baby stretching.  I choose to believe Hadley is shouting out her support for Weston, assuring us that he will not be forgotten, that the surge of love and support that flowed to his parents during and after his brief life has made our world a better place.

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  1. ducksrfriends

    I cannot even believe how much bread that is! I’m glad to hear that Hadley is gaining weight. She looks like a feisty little baby.

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