Bread Fridays

For the past two weeks, Alexis has made bread on Friday.  Her first masterpiece was a loaf of challah.


Last week she took on the Tassajarah Bread Book.





This is possibly the best bread I have ever tasted.  An hour after the bread came out of the oven, our pregnant friend Erin joined us for dinner and was a little taken aback by how easy it was to eat large quantities of bread before any semblance of a main course appeared.  When it was time to REALLY eat, Alexis’s excellent rolls ferried Cafe Flora Curried Lentil and Quinoa Burgers (with tomato chutney) from our plates to our mouths.  Erin enthusiastically accepted half a loaf of bread on her way out the door.  We froze most of what was left, but raid the freezer each day to feed our new addiction.  The big question:  What will Alexis bake this Friday?


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2 responses to “Bread Fridays

  1. ducksrfriends

    I highly recommend sweet potato biscuits. (I know has the recipe… I typed it all out for her!) Also delicious is Finnish Cardamom bread.. great dipped into coffee. Chris’s mom gave me her recipe.. I’ll try to find it and send it along. As an added bonus, it makes the house smell amazing.

  2. ducksrfriends

    I just noticed Alexis is wearing the neck warmer that she stole from my red bear. Thief thief!!

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